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Case Study: How a young boy with frequent headaches, seasonal allergies, chronic sinus and ear infections finally played football all season

case studies 3This 8 year-old athletic boy’s mother is a patient here and like most of our patients after getting great results from her care decided to bring her son in because he suffered from frequent headaches.

In his consultation they told me he also suffers from seasonal allergies and sinus infections that his pediatrician said where probably causing the headaches. They also said that he gets frequent ear infections ever since he was around 2 years-old and they even went so far as and ended up putting tubes in his ears and had his adenoids surgically removed when he was 4 years-old. But he still continued to get 3 or 4 sinus and/or ear infections a year. He was constantly congested, had frequent daily headaches and was frequently sick with either, sinus infections, ear infections, or both, from about March to June and again from about September to December every year, which interfered with his ability to play his two favorite sports: football and baseball.

When asked if he had any traumas, his mom related: “I would’ve had to write them all down as they happened as it seems like there’s one or two a day.” Having two young children myself, I understood.
I then examined his spine and found his neck muscles to be tense and he had moderate tenderness, swelling, and joint fixations in the upper part of his neck on the right and some slight tenderness and joint fixations in the middle to lower part of his neck on the left.
We then took some x-rays of his neck to see exactly what was going on and eliminate any guess work which you can see the view of his neck from the side below:


You can see that his neck has lost it’s normal curve (red line) causing abnormal pressure and stress on the spinal joints, discs, nerves, spinal cord and brain stem.
Once I found out exactly what was causing the problem and exactly what condition his spine was in, and after performing a few necessary orthopedic and neurological tests (to rule anything else out), I then performed a successful test adjustment (to find out if we could even correct what was causing the problem) and was confident we could help him and put him on a treatment plan which included a set schedule of chiropractic adjustments.
After treating him 3 times a week for 2 weeks the 2 times a week for 2 more weeks we stopped and took another look and some progress films to see what if anything had changed. Which you can see below to the right next to his initial films for comparison.


As you can see, the curve improved towards normal (red line). At this point he reported to have had only a few slight headaches and no other symptoms the last two weeks despite it being mid October and has made it to all his football practices and games so far.
We continued his treatment as planned 2 times a week for 4 more weeks and re-examined him. At which point he reported was even better, has had a very few minor headaches and has not had any other symptoms and is playing football better then he ever did.
We then gave him a few specific stretches and exercises to do at home and continued to check and adjust him as planned once a week for 4 more weeks to keep his spine in alignment while he stabilized it.
Following those 4 weeks he was re-examined and we took more x-rays to see if we accomplished what we need to. Which you can see below to the right next to his initial one again for a comparison.


As you can see, the curve improved significantly toward normal (red line). His headaches are completely gone and has had no noticeable allergy symptoms, sinus infections, and/or ear infections. He didn’t lose a day of football practice and he has played in every football and baseball game since.

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