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How to Lift Properly to Reduce Back Injuries

proper lifting techniques to reduce back injuries for health care workersOne of the most common conditions Chiropractors are known to successfully treat, as most of you probably know already, is lower back pain.

You can read my post on Low Back Pain which will give you, in detail, what the facts and statistics on the causes of lower back pain are, how common a problem lower back pain really is, what the chiropractic approach to treating lower back pain is, and the reasons why it is the safest, most effective, drugless form of professional treatment for lower back problems, and even gives you 9 helpful tips on how to prevent lower back pain, all of which you can read by clicking HERE. Once you have finished reading it don’t forget to come back to this post to watch the video.

As a public service to the people who live and work in and around the Belvidere area and the surrounding communities, I give helpful and informative health lectures on various topics such as: over all health and wellness, ergonomics , and specific health conditions that can often be helped with chiropractic care.

One I do quite often at the local assisted living facility The Chelsea of Brookfield is about Proper Lifting Techniques for Health Care Workers to Reduce Back Injuries. Since improper lifting by anyone is one of the most common causes of lower back pain, I went ahead and made it into a short video presentation which you can watch now simply by clicking on the video below.

What you will get out of watching this video presentation is:

  • Why lower back pain is so common in health care workers.
  • An easy Acronym to help you remember how to lift properly to avoid injuries.
  • Detailed instructions on the exact steps on how to lift properly to avoid injuries.
  • What the most weight anyone can lift with a minimal risk of injury is.
  • What to do when back pain persists.
  • And 4 tips to help minimize your risk for developing lower back pain.

I hope you enjoyed this video presentation and it served it’s purpose to inform you on how to lift properly to reduce back injuries.

As always, I welcome any of your thoughts and would be glad to help answer any of your further Questions you may have.

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