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What A Broken Washing Machine Can Tell You About The Secret to Better Health

Broken Washing MachineJust this past Saturday, my wife had a lot of things on her to do list so I figured I could help her out and start the weekly laundry. So I put a load in and walked away. Then when I figured it was done, I went down into the basement to put the load into the dryer and start the next load. But when I opened it up there where the clothes soaking in a washer full of soapy water! The washing machine filled up but never even started it’s wash cycle. By this time my lovely wife is back running a few of her many errands and says,“Oh, I guess you didn’t know, have to bang on the lid to get it to work.”

Now as I’ve done quite a bit of laundry in my time so I know enough that you shouldn’t have to bang on the lid to get a washing machine to work, so I figured there was a problem and my first question was, How long has this been going on? She answers,”Quite some time now, guess you haven’t done the laundry in awhile.” (in case you were wondering, I got the point!)

Since I know that the problem isn’t just going to go away on it’s own and as the laundry is never going to stop needing to be done, I’d better figure out what exactly the problem is and what to do to get it corrected.

Now I know there’s a safety switch that stops the washer from spinning when the lid is opened and since banging on the lid gets it to ‘work’ that’s where the problem more then likely is. So I take the machine apart and take a look, and sure enough the switch’s plastic bracket is broken. So it obviously needs to be replaced but, since it’s Saturday that’s not going to happen any time soon. And as there’s a load not even done and the rest of the laundry still will need to be done, something must be done now (even if it’s temporary) to fix the problem until we can get the switch replaced.

So I take the switch apart and discover that what it does is make an electrical connection when the lid closes sending power to the washer so it works.

So what to do? Simple, I cut the wires before the switch and splice them together so the electrical connection is made and the machine works until we get the switch replaced.

Your probably wondering, What the heck does this have to do about Chiropractic care and your health?

Well, let’s just pretend that switch represents one if the bones in your spine (called the vertebrae) and the wires delivering electricity are just like your nerves sending electrical signals to your body to tell it how to work.

Something happened and the switch got misaligned, and this affected the washer machine’s functioning. If caught early on (if I’d of just done some of the laundry) it could’ve easily been corrected before it even broke and needed to be replaced. But instead, by continuing to bang on the lid, while getting it to ‘work’, obviously didn’t fix what was causing the problem and just made it worse by misaligning the switch more and more until eventually, it finally broke.

Just like what happens if you ignore or cover up your body’s symptoms with over the counter and prescription medications. Eventually, something will break and you won’t have any choice and you’ll end up having to get done whatever you can and instead of safe, natural, and noninvasive, chiropractic care you’ll end up needing a risky invasive surgery.

So if you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, or other conditions don’t just keep ‘banging on the lid’ call your family Chiropractor today and get your spine checked to see if your’s is in fact caused by a chiropractic problem or not and get it corrected before it just continues to get worse and worse and you end up needing surgery.

Remember, while you can always replace your home’s appliances your can’t replace your health so don’t delay call your family Chiropractor today.

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