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How to Get the Zaz Back in Your Life

How to Get the Zaz Back in Your LifeWould you be interested in knowing how you and your entire family can do a short and easy warm-up stretch and exercise routine that’s been proven to effectively improve your health and quality of life, that would only take just 3 to 5 minutes a day to do?

We all know that, a daily routine of good oral hygiene of brushing and flossing your teeth, in-between going for your 6 month dental check-up and cleaning, helps to prevent more expensive dental health problems later on.

Yet, misalignments of the bones in your spine as a result of poor posture, neglect, and inactivity, causes nerve irritation, and since your nervous system is the organizer, controller, and coordinator of all your body’s processes and all your other systems, including: your circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, hormonal, muscle and skeletal systems, and they all depend upon your nervous system in order to work properly. Doesn’t make sense to you that, your spinal health is equally as important, if not even more, then your dental health?

It’s obvious, as evidenced by the many billions of dollars that are spent each year related to the disability of low back pain alone, that the need for better spinal health promotion is very great.

However, probably very few of you know how to do a simple and easy warm-up stretch and exercise routine, that is fun and engaging for you and your entire family. Which will also help you to take care of your entire family’s spinal health just like you do for your dental health.

Well, to address this problem an exercise program called Straighten Up America was developed by Dr. Ron Kirk of Life University. Equally useful as a at work break, exercise warm-up, or cool-down, Straighten Up is designed to get people of all ages up and moving, while they improve their posture and spinal health.

You can watch a short video presentation I made on how to do this daily warm-up stretch and exercise routine simply by clicking play below.

I hope you enjoyed the video presentation and it served its purpose to show you how to do this warm-up stretch and exercise routine that will help to improve your entire family’s health and quality of life.

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