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Thinking about making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and to exercise more ? – 12 Great Tips to Help You Get Started – January is Family Fit Lifestyle Month (Part 1 of 4)

new years resolution to lose weigh exercise moreHappy New Year!

Once again it’s January and after all that eating and drinking we all indulged in during the celebrating with all our loved ones, we should probably be thinking about making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and to exercise more. Well, the good news is January just happens to be Family Fit Lifestyle Month.

Family Fit Lifestyle Month was established to “promote parents and children to work together to get in shape and get healthy.”

And although January is Family Fit Lifestyle Month, healthy habits and becoming health conscious, should be an all the year around, lifelong undertaking. A family that gets fit together becomes a much stronger, healthier unit, and enjoying activities together is a great way spend time with your family!

This will be a 4 Part Weekly Post Series: This First Part’s purpose is to help you get started, the Second Part: Do You Know How Much Exercise You Should Do To Stay Healthy? Will be posted sometime next week, the Third Part: 12 Tips to Help You Promote Healthy Eating for Your Entire Family, will be posted the following week, and then the final Fourth Part: 4 Tips to Help You and Your Entire Family Stimulate Your Minds, will be posted the following week after that.

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We all know that regular exercise is important but, the hardest part is getting started. . .

So here are 12 Great Tips to Help You Get Started:

  1. Look for daily opportunities to exercise in work and play. Force yourself to walk by parking your car several parking aisles away from the store or your office entrance and walk briskly!
  2. Get your pet in on the action by giving it a good walk each day. (This will not only get you a better behaved pet as it will burn up excess energy and get tired, but it will also serve to make your entire family more fit. If you don’t have a pet, it wouldn’t hurt to rescue one.)
  3. Choose an exercise you like and stick with it.
  4. Use the buddy system. Arrange to have a friend meet you – It’s harder to say no to exercise when you exercise with a friend.
  5. Walk, ice-skate, cross country ski, swim, ride a bicycle, go dancing!
  6. Join a walking group or visit your local Y, recreation center, park, church, or senior center.
  7. Start a family Saturday morning ritual. (Go bike riding, hill climbing, hiking, or walk / run the track at a local high school.)
  8. Play Sports or non-competitive alternatives (biking, jump rope, frisbee).
  9. Change Your Routine activities (walk rather than taking the car; use the stairs rather than an elevator).
  10. Try some new physical hobbies (gardening, sightseeing, bowling).
  11. Have Family outings (apple picking, camping, fishing).
  12. Enjoy being outdoors (beach, swimming, hiking).

Remember … Make it FUN! This is important! If you and your family really enjoy the activities you are doing together you will be more likely to make the time and do them.

Have a Happy Healthy New Year!

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