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What Can You Do to Reduce Your Stress ? – National Stress Awareness Month (part 3 of 4)

What Can You Do to Reduce Your StressWe All Experience Stress on a Daily Basis and We are Each in Control of How Much Emotional Stress We Feel.

Being Well Educated is the First Step to Controlling Your Health. We Each Must Be Responsible for Our Own Health and that includes Changing Some of Our Daily Habits and Lifestyle Choices.

What Can You Do About all this Stress?

You Can Start by Developing and Maintaining Healthy Exercise and Eating Habits.

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Next, You Can Learn some Simple Techniques to identify and Moderate individual Stressors. That way You Can Learn to Control the Stress in Your Life, instead of Allowing it to Control You.

Techniques such as, Relaxation techniques, Meditation and Contemplation, Hypnosis, Guided imagery, Biofeedback, Yoga, Dietary changes, Massage, Acupuncture, and Acupressure all have been shown to be Effective to Help Reduce and Manage Your Stress. These are forms of Mind and Body intervention that have One Thing in Common; they Cause Deep Relaxation which Reduces Stress.

For Example:

Meditation is Effective because it Slows Your Breathing Rate, increases Oxygen Consumption, Creates a Relaxed Brain Wave rhythm, and increases Blood flow. These are Effective Reactions to Reduce Stress and Tension.

Biofeedback is a Relaxation Therapy that Shows You How to Regulate Your Body’s functions as well as Reduces Physical and Psychological Stress.

Guided imagery is a Relaxation Therapy that Promotes Tranquility. Just Close Your Eyes, take a few Deep, Easy Breaths, and Recall a Time and Place when You felt Relaxed and Peaceful.

Yoga is Effective to Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Lowers Blood Pressure and Heart Rate, and Alleviates Pain.

The Concept Behind All These Relaxation Therapies is the Relationship Between Mind and Body, When Your Mind is Restless and Troubled, Your Health will be Affected, On the Other Hand when You are ill, Your Mental Functioning Declines.

Each of These Methods can be used independently or in combination with any other. These Similar Approaches can all have a Strong Mediating Affect on Your Stress. These techniques Provide Tools that Allow You to Gain Greater Control over Your Reactions to Stress, and therefore Reduce the overall Effects of a Stressful Event.

People Who Manage Their Stress Effectively not only are Healthier, but also Have More Time to Enjoy Their Life and Accomplish Their Goals.

Question: Which Techniques Discussed Above, Have You Tried and Feel are the Most Effective to Help Reduce and Manage Your Stress?

I Would Love to Hear Them! So Please Share Them in the Comments Section Below.

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