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How often should you get your spine checked?

FAQ-2If you happened to have missed last week’s post titled: Do you need X-rays to get your spine adjusted? Which you can read HERE. I mentioned that this month I have decided to mix it up a little and start an on going Frequently Asked Questions series.
My staff and I get a lot of questions from either our existing patients or people calling or e-mailing us through our contact page and we are happy to answer them for you. However, since many of you have the same or similar questions I have decided to write some posts on some of the more common questions we frequently get on a day to day basis about Chiropractic Care in general and the services we provide here at Belvidere Chiropractic Center.

How often should you get your spine checked?

Again there is no easy way to answer this question as it ‘depends’. Every single person and case is different and depending on your specific condition, how long you’ve had it before you started treatment, and how bad it is will detemine how often you will need your spine checked and adjusted, if necessary. Basically, if your condition is a Chiropractic case, when you first start your treatment a plan is put together based on what you tell me in your initial consultation, my findings on your examination, and after any necessary x-rays, if any, are studied and analyzed.
Then, depending on how serious your problem is, how it’s affecting your life, how long it’s been going on, and what sort of shape you’ve gotten yourself into will determine how often and how long you’ll need treatment to correct your problem.
The more serious Chiropractic cases I see are treated initially 3 times a week and then are decreased to 2 times a week in about 2 to 4 weeks, at which time your pain is typically either completely gone or significantly reduced. I then perform a re-evaluation and, if necessary, any additional x-rays to find out what has or hasn’t changed. Then, depending on whether or not you want to correct your problem so it doesn’t keep on returning, we then continue your treatment 1 to 2 times a week from anywhere from 8 to 12 more weeks. This will allow the complete healing of the ‘soft tissues’ (the discs, ligaments, muscles, and tendons in the area) that will then hold the individual bones in your spine called the vertebrae in place.
Toward the end of your care you will then also be given specific stretches and exercises to do at home to strengthen the area so the problem doesn’t keep returning.
While this might seem like a long time it is what is typically required in the more serious Chiropractic cases to achieve complete and total healing.
Then, if you choose to, a maintenance or supportive care plan is recommended from anywhere from once every 2 weeks to 4 weeks or sometimes even longer to maintain the correction and allow optimum health.

I hope you enjoy this FAQ series and would love it if you could suggest any other FAQ’s either by leaving a comment below, sending an e-mail via this site’s contact page, or by contacting me through Twitter.

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