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Tied to the Chair: The Need for Moving About

This is a guest post by: Sara Dawkins who is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She is a frequent contributor of and you can learn more about her Here. Every day, millions of people are tied to their chairs in order to conduct their daily businesses. From the sitting…

Case Study: How a man with numbness and weakness in his right hand went bow hunting

This 50 year-old man came into the office with numbness and weakness in his right hand. In his consultation he said, “He noticed the numbness about 2 months ago and asked his family physician about it,and after running tests to make sure he wasn’t having a heart attack, he said it’s carpal tunnel syndrome and…

Shoulder, Arm, Elbow, Wrist (Carpal Tunnel), Hip, Leg, Knee, and Jaw (TMJ) Pain related to the Spine

Chiropractic techniques that work so well with your spine can also be applied to other joints in your body. All the joints in your body are prone to fixations and malfunctions that impair there function and range of motion. Trauma, vibrations, and repetitive motions are often culprits. Shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hip problems, knees, ankles,…

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