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Welcome to Our Patient Testimonial Page!

Below are a Few of Our Patients’ Testimonials From Those Who Have Responded Quite Well to Their Treatments.

You’ll Probably Notice That There Are No ‘Amazing Miracles’ About How Our Chiropractic Care Somehow Cured Some Disease or Condition, But Rather, How Chiropractic Care Can and Does Help Regular People, Just Like Yourself, Who Are Having Difficulties With Their Ability to Work and Enjoying the Every Day Activities They and Their Families Really Love to Do Due To Their Pain.
And While, We Would Also, Love to Say That All Our Patients Responded Well to Their Chiropractic Care, This Just Wouldn’t Be True, as Unfortunately, Not All Our Patients Do.
In the Event You Do Not Respond Favorable to Your Chiropractic Care, Within the First Month, Provided You Followed Your Specific Treatment Plan, We Will then Refer You to Another Appropriate Health-Care Professional that We Have a Working Relationship With, Trust, and Believe That, They Can Help You the Most.
Why a Month? Because, There isn’t Any Way to Tell How Well You Will or Won’t Respond to Any Type of Treatment by Any Health-Care Professional, for Any Specific Condition, Until it is at Least Tried and Given the Opportunity to Work. And That “The Generally Accepted Time Needed for Chiropractic Services to Demonstrate Improvement is About 30 days” as per the American College of Occupation and Environmental Medicine Occupational Medicine Practice Guidelines, Official Disability Guidelines.

We Hope You Enjoy Them! We Always Do! As They Are the Reason We Love What We Do! And We Would Love to Try to Help You and of Course Get a Patient Testimony from You Too.
So Contact Us TODAY for an Appointment to Get Help Now with Diminishing or Even Eliminating Your Pain and Start Enjoying the Activities You and Your Family Really Love to Do Again!

When I started coming here I had lower back pain on the left side going into my left hip and into the front of my thigh to my knee with numbness in my lower leg from my knee to the top of my foot and weakness in the left leg and I couldn’t get up from sitting for about 2 months. It kept me awake at night and I had trouble walking and it prohibited me in taking part in exercising. After one month of treatments I am almost completely better! Thanks to Dr. Heins and his staff.~Alice Kurnath

I had lower back pain on and off for the last 25 years that suddenly got so severe I started getting a sharp shooting pain that was waking me up at 4 o’clock every morning, I was constantly uncomfortable, and also couldn’t sit for any length of time, and I suffered this way for over a week and a half until coming to see Dr. Heins. After a couple of treatments the pain wasn’t sharp any more and I could sit comfortably again. Now it’s been about four weeks of treatment I am feeling so much better and today for the first time I didn’t wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning in pain thanks to Dr. Heins.~Helen Douglas

When I started coming here, I had very bad migraine headaches and pain in my hip and upper back. Within two weeks of treatment my headaches are 100% better! My hip no longer hurts, even after activities I did that used to leave me hardly walking. At times my upper back would be so stiff and hurt so bad that it hurt to breathe. I can honestly say, I feel like I have a brand new back and neck. I would vouch for chiropractic care to anyone any time. Dr. Heins is a very talented doctor that will do whatever it takes to get to the cause of the problem and fix it. I will continue my care and maintenance with Dr. Heins to continue feeling so well and to stay healthy.~Michelle Schmitt

I’ve had lower back pain that went into my left leg on and off for the past 30 years that recently got worse causing me to have difficulty getting up from sitting and walking. After each visit I leave feeling good and am already doing much better in only a short time. I feel Dr. Heins is a great doctor of chiropractic.~Vito Biase

Wow, my headaches are gone! I had wicked headaches for about month and a half. I went to the Medical Doctor, got hands full of pills and had no relief. I even had a CT Scan done and was told nothing was wrong. I then stopped on my way home and made an appointment to see Dr. Heins. I have been treated for a week now and the headaches are gone!! I know I still need to stick with my care plan but to be able see the light at the end of the tunnel is great. Thanks you so much!!!~Kathy Bohem

I was having severe aches and a burning pain in my right leg especially when driving and after 4 weeks of treatment I am feeling much better! My leg pain has subsided and I am feeling like my old self again and feel stronger and more confident. I had some bad days in the beginning of treatment but I feel the good days will now take over the bad days. I am very grateful for the relief. Thank you!~Joyce Rock

I was having pain in my right hand, neck, and lower back. Within a few weeks of treatment my pain is almost gone.~JoAnne Post

I came to Dr. Heins for pain on my left side of my lower back and pain on the left side of my neck that went into my left shoulder that was so hurtful that I could not sit comfortably. But now my neck and lower back doesn’t hurt when I sit and overall I feel much better thanks to Dr. Heins~Ann Fantozzi

I was having pain going down my leg and a tingling, buzzing sensation in my foot and was referred to Dr. Heins by a co-worker. At the end of just the first week of treatment I have been able to cut down on Aleve the medical doctor had recommended and the pain down my leg is now reduced. I also noticed that the indigestion I had is nearly gone too. I find in addition that, the office staff are all excellent, warm people, and that makes a wonderful difference as well. I’m so glad I am doing so well.~Mary Flint

When I originally came to Dr. Heins, I was in so much pain all the time that I couldn’t sit or stand for long. I did everything Dr. Heins told me to do and soon enough I was back to normal. Then I hurt myself again and had lower back pain, soreness in my tail bone, pain in back of both knees and pain down the front of my legs. I couldn’t sit or go down the stairs. I feel the best way to get completely well is, by following the back care instructions Dr. Heins gives you and also the icing of the problem area that is heavily enforced. Also exercises when he gives them to you, prayer helps, and don’t miss any treatments. I believe if you listen and do everything Dr. Heins instructs you do to, you will soon get back to normal and continue a great life. I know it may seem like a lot of running around for you treatments and taking time to exercise, but it pays off in the long run and keeps you healthy. I now continue to maintain my spine with monthly care so I never go back to where I was. Thank you Dr. Heins~Nancy Yetter

I had neck pain and stiffness on the right for years that suddenly got worse and started to go into my right shoulder and after a few months of treatment I’m completely pain free.~Theresa Minogue

I had severe dizziness that was so bad I would fall a lot. I went to the medical doctors who said I had Benign Positional Vertigo and was told to get balance therapy, which only made the dizziness much worse. Then one day I had severe pain in my neck and shoulder and went to Dr. Heins. After examining me he took some X-rays of my neck and showed me I had sever degenerative disc and joint disease and after only 5 treatments the dizziness is gone and I am already feeling a lot of relief from the neck and shoulder pain.~Jean Wilson

I started getting a severe sharp shooting pain in the front of my right leg from my knee to the top of my foot that got so bad one day I could barely walk so I went to the hospital. They did an MRI and told me I had sciatica from a disc problem and gave me some pain medication. The medication wasn’t working so my friend suggested I see his chiropractor Dr. Heins. After sitting down and listening to me he examined me and took some x-rays of my back. He then showed me exactly what was causing the problem and what needed to be done to correct it and in 6 visits the pain has already decreased 30% and I feel better then I’ve had in months!~Josephine Thompson

I came in about three weeks ago with constant middle and lower back that I had for about a year, frequent migraine headaches, and some stiffness in my neck. Now my migraines have been much less frequent and have almost disappeared completely. My middle and lower back are definitely improving and I no longer feel pain every day when I wake up. I’m glad I decided to get treatment and I’m looking forward to feeling 100% soon.~Adam Hendrickson

When I first came in to see Dr. Heins I had constant lower back pain. After examining me and taking some x-rays he was able to find exactly what was causing my problem and after my first treatment I had almost no pain at all and now I feel great!~Amy Bedo

I had extreme pain on the left side of my neck and upper shoulder with some numbness; after only three weeks of treatment I am feeling so much better. This past weekend was the first in a long that I had no pain, some tingling, but no pain. I am looking forward to continuing treatments with Dr. Heins~Debra Russell

When I injured my back several weeks ago, I was in tremendous pain but I resisted going to a doctor because I thought that the pain would eventually go away and heal by itself. When I couldn’t alleviate the pain with medication any longer, I went to see Dr. Heins. He examined me and took some x-rays and showed me exactly where the problem was. I had no idea how much damage there was to my discs and vertebrae. After several treatments, I was already feeling much better. I went from being unable to drive, run, or exercise without pain to exercising regularly again pain-free.~Margaret Morokutti

I had lower back pain on and off for over 10 years but, a couple of weeks ago it suddenly got a lot worse. After some bad experiences with some other chiropractors, I was very skeptical at first but, after a couple of weeks of treatments, to my surprise, what Dr. Heins is doing is actually working. I’m feeling the best I’ve had in a long time with no pain even after doing heavy power lifting!~Kent Sweigert

I couldn’t look up without neck pain for over 15 years that was so bad that when I went to get my hair done I had to hold my neck with my hands to help relieve some of the pain when they had to tilt my head back. I thought it was from the stress of sitting and working at a computer all day and would just have to learn to live with it and keep taking Advil to get through the work day. Until I went to see Dr. Heins and after examining me and taking some x-rays of my neck found out that I had severe degenerative disc disease that was probably a result of a whiplash injury I suffered from in a car accident I had 23 years ago. After 4 weeks of treatment I was only feeling maybe 30% better but my re-exam and progress x-rays showed that my neck’s curve was greatly improved and that some of the disc degeneration was reversing. Dr. Heins then assured me I’d get better soon. Then, all of a sudden, after 2 weeks of more treatments I’m feeling great and I can look up for the first time in over 15 years and now it’s an absolute joy to go and get my hair done again without dreading that terrible pain!~Kerry Fisher

When I first came to see Dr. Heins I was having severe lower back pain and spasms all the way up into my neck and hadn’t had a full night sleep in a month due to the pain. Which was a concern as I am an active 17 year old and haven’t been able to wrestle. After getting treatment for only about 3 weeks now I had my first night of sleep and I feel great!~Vincent Pisano

When I first came in 5 weeks ago I had sever lower back pain that got to the point were I could hardly walk, sit, or stand. I was thinking oh my gosh my life is over as I clean houses for a living and was really worried since I wasn’t able to do that with my back hurting so much. After examining me and taking some x-rays Dr. Heins was able to tell me exactly what was causing my problem and what to do to correct it and in about 2 weeks of treatments I feel no pain. Now I feel rejuvenated to go back to work and live my life.~Patricia Maertens

I came to see Dr. Heins with sharp stabbing pain in my mid back that went into my left shoulder when turning my head to look to the right that got to a point that I was also having troubles breathing and difficulty sleeping. After only a few treatments the pain has become progressively less and I’m feeling 90% better, can breathe normally, and I have no more trouble sleeping.~Jerry Simons

My neck started hurting a few weeks ago but then got to the point that I couldn’t turn my head to the left without having a sharp shooting pain in my neck into my shoulder. Thanks to Dr. Heins and his staff in just a few treatments I’m nearly already pain free.~Tom Ackerman

I started seeing Dr. Heins in July because I started getting a severe pain down my leg that got to the point where I couldn’t sit, stand, walk, or drive because of the pain and in less then two months of care I am almost totally out of pain and I am feeling so much better now.~ Mary Ann Kavanaugh

I came in with neck pain that was shooting into my left shoulder and I was also having weakness in both hands that was making sleeping and working very difficult for the past 3 months. I went to an orthopedist who after taking x-rays and ordered an MRI prescribed me some steroids which did nothing. I was also having lower back pain that I’ve endured for the past 20 years and was told nothing could be done for it. My father insisted I go to his Chiropractor, Dr. Heins to see if he could help and within 2 weeks of treatment I feel a lot better and I am able to work now without pain, can sleep again, and my life is finally getting back to normal~Steve Higgins

I started getting severe dizziness, neck, and shoulder pain 3 months ago. I went to my medical doctor who sent me for a CAT scan that said nothing was wrong and then he prescribed me some ear drops for ‘swimmer’s ear’ which did absolutely nothing. Then the dizziness got so bad I wasn’t even able to drive. So, a good friend of mine told me she also had severe dizziness and her chiropractor, Dr. Heins fixed it and to give him a call to see if he might be able to help me too. After an initial consultation, examination, and some x-rays of my neck, he found what was causing the problem and only after a few weeks of his treatments, I have no more dizziness and the pain in my neck and shoulder is almost completely gone. I am extremely happy! ~Christina Fourtunato

I was having neck and jaw pain for 4 months after falling. I went to my dentist, who prescribed a mouth guard that did nothing. Finally, my Husband recommended I try his chiropractor, Dr. Heins. After 3 weeks of treating my neck and jaw, I am completely pain free and I don’t have to wear that mouth guard anymore. ~Diana Menegus

I’ve had chronic lower back pain for my entire life due to injuries playing football and baseball when I was young. When I started having problems working, doing heavy construction, my wife finally convinced me to go see her chiropractor, Dr. Heins. He found exactly what was causing my problem and after just three weeks of receiving treatment I cant’ believe it but my back pain has already disappeared!~Brad Coveney

I started to get neck pain one day that went into my right shoulder and down the arm and it got so bad that I couldn’t crochet any more and I was also having lower back pain that was affecting my ability to walk for any distance without agony. Now, after only a few weeks of treatment, I can now crochet with minimal discomfort and I’m back walking again and I am feeling a lot better.~Linda Vishnesky

I started to have sever pain in the back of my left leg behind my knee suddenly one day. Since it was shortly after having surgery on my left knee, I was very concerned. So I went back to my Orthopedist who did the surgery and after examining me said it wasn’t my knee but was probably something in my back and recommended I go get some physical therapy. Meanwhile, a good friend of mine recommended I go see his Chiropractor Dr. Heins instead, so I did. After sitting down and listening to me to understanding my problem, examining me, and taking some x-rays, found exactly what was causing my problem and after a month of adjustments and some physical therapy the pain in the back of my left leg is gone and I can finally bend at my knees for the first time since my problem began.~Richard Pohl

I got out of bed one morning and noticed my head just didn’t feel right. I went through my normal day, got my kids off to school, and then suddenly I started to feel dizzy, I got this sinus pressure headache and my ears were all blocked up. I went to a medical doctor and he said it probably was just a sinus infection and prescribed some antibiotics. But, as time went on my symptoms just got worse and worse. The dizziness got so bad I couldn’t drive and just moving my head would put me into a feeling of motion ‘dizziness’. My husband said to call his chiropractor, Dr. Heins and ask if he might be able to help. After sitting down to listening to me and understanding exactly what I was going through, Dr. Heins then examined me, took a few x-rays, and found exactly what was causing my problem, and then help me he did! After the first treatment the dizziness actually got a little worse but then completely went away the next day, and after following my treatment plan and his recommendations, within a couple of weeks I hardly even noticed any of my other symptoms, and now a few months later, I’m feeling great! Even better then I ever did! Dr. Heins took care of my neck and that has help with all my problems. Thank you Dr. Heins for helping me feel so much better!~Debbie Solt

I was having severe pain in my left shoulder going into my neck that was so bad I couldn’t even lift up my arm. After having a few treatments with Dr. Heins I’m feeling much better and can lift my arm up again.~Betty Fay England

I had been having pain in my lower back for about one year after lifting an air conditioner. The pain would come and go, but was persistent for the past two months. It got to the point where I was taking Tylenol every day to try to lessen the pain. My treatments started one and a half weeks ago with Dr. Heins, and the change has been incredible! I had forgotten what it felt like to not have pain every time I got out of a chair. I hope that I never feel that kind of pain again, and hopefully with treatments and healing, I never will.~Joseph Knaap

When I first came in to see Dr. Heins I was in such bad shape I thought my life was over. I have to pinch myself it’s so unbelievable how in just a few visits the pain is gone and I have a new and bright attitude for the future.~Gloria Fulmer

I experienced back, shoulder, and neck pain that caused me to miss work one day. I came to the office and immediately felt welcomed and listened to by Dr. Heins. He always was able to tell me where the pain was just by pressing on my back. After two and a half weeks of treatment I was completely pain free. I would definitely recommend Dr. Heins to anyone with back pain, and will not hesitate to return if the pain comes back.~Barry Barnes

My occupation as a dental hygienist puts excessive strain on my neck and lower back. I was experiencing chronic pain and sleepless nights. Pain killers and cutting my hours seemed like the only options, until I went to Dr. Heins on a recommendation. At first I had to return frequently for adjustments. Now I must keep up with my maintenance visits which prevent me from falling back into chronic pain. I am very thankful for Dr. Heins’ treatment. I don’t have to take pain medication or have sleepless nights. Most importantly I will not have to cut my hours or consider another profession. Thank you, Dr. Heins.~Terri Cheney

Thank you, Dr. Heins for making my day’s headache free! I use to suffer from chronic headaches but since coming to see Dr. Heins I am virtually headache free. It is so amazing how much Chiropractic has helped me. I might come in with back or neck pain but with a few adjustments I’m as good as new!~Amy Long

It is truly amazing in just a few visits I went from shortness of breath, excruciating back pain and being almost paralyzed to being able to take full breaths, no back pain and back to work lifting heavy items and working to 100% capacity! I highly recommend Chiropractic care.~Michael Balboa

My husband and I have been coming to Dr. Heins since July, 2000. We normally visit just once a month but there have been plenty of times that we’ve needed intermediate treatments. Dr. Jon keeps us feeling great. He is very friendly and pleasant and does a wonderful job with us! Thanks, Dr. Jon!~Kelly Swisher

When I first came in I could not turn my neck, could not look up or sideways now can do all the above with no pain at all. Thank you so much.~Gertrude Patton

I came to your office in constant pain from what was diagnosed as a partial tear in my rotator cuff, after 1 month I went from constant pain to no pain.~Jim Minogue

It took a little over a month but with persistent office visits, I went from excruciating back pain caused by a pinched nerve to no pain at all. Thanks to Dr. Jon.~Kathy Kisselbach

I came in to see Dr. Heins approximately 2 weeks ago. I was having a problem with my lower back after bending over to pick up a pillow that was on the floor. Dr. Heins examined me, took x-rays, solved the problem and gave me a treatment my first visit. I had approximately a total of 4 visits of adjustments and I’m back to where I was before I injured my back. I am very happy and feel good. I plan to visit the doctor periodically to stay well. I would recommend anyone having back trouble to visit Dr. Heins.~Tony Zazzarino

We must say, Dr. Heins is a miracle worker my husband was so scared of those injections, we said, let’s try a Chiropractor. We found Dr. Heins in the phone book. After 9th visit, we noticed a difference. We are so happy to find Dr. Heins.~Anna Yaymar

I came to see Dr. Heins with severe back and leg pain. After 3 visits, pain is gone and my smile has returned.~Richard Kleber

When I first started with Dr. Jon I was in a lot of pain. After my first visit, that first night I received a call from Dr. Jon. He was calling to see how I was and thought that was so nice of him. After 3 treatments I was feeling great.~Linda LaBarre

Arms, neck, and legs would get numbness. With the assistance of Dr. Heins, all has vanished feeling much better. Thanks to his professional help. Recommend to all.~Doris LaTourette

I was in a car accident in May and started treatments with Dr. Heins a couple of weeks after the accident, with only a few adjustments I was in less pain and continued to improve under his care. Today I was released and my back pains are all better.~Ruth Ann Huckaby

I came in for shoulder pain. I had 5 treatments. I felt good after 1st treatment. I would recommend Dr. Jon Heins to anyone. Thank You.~Carol Lanterman

I had very severe low back pain. Three adjustments by Dr. Heins my back is much better and doesn’t hurt at all.~Irene Hothouse

I had lower back pain and after a few visits I am able to move much better. Thank you for all you have done.~Nancy Dietz

I had severe pain in my back and legs. After visiting Dr. Heins for some time the pain is completely gone.~Anthony Palumbo

I came with lower back pain on both sides, after 3 treatments I felt all better. Thank you for all your help. I’m feeling fine and I’m walking a mile every morning now. I believe that this has helped me, so Thank you.~Anna Stout

I was having severe neck pain. I couldn’t do anything. It hurt to even move my head and I had a constant severe headache. I came to see Dr. Jon and in 3 treatments the problem was all gone. Thank you.~Joseph Gero

I injure my neck and was barely able to turn my head to the right without pain. After the first treatment to Dr. Heins I was feeling much better and after a few more visits the problem was gone completely.~Dave Smith

I came with pins and needle feelings in my legs and arms also a very sore tailbone with 2 treatments I was fine.~Yvonne Van Wingerden

I was referred to Dr. Heins by a co-worker when I was experiencing tremendous pain in my neck and upper back. It seemed to be stress induced. After about 3 weeks of intensive treatment, I began to feel better and now I feel great. I am glad he was available to help me.~Anne Amey

My back was giving me increased pain for about a week but after 3 sessions with Dr. Jon, I was feeling fine again. The most pronounced improvement came after the first treatment on Wednesday, with further improvement on Friday. My last treatment the following Monday was the last one that was required.~John McPartland

I came to Dr Jon with lower back pain. My first visit he was able to give me relief and subsequent follow-ups have gotten me back to my normal self.~Ron Buckenmyer

I had chronic neck pain and migraine headaches. Dr. Heins took care of the problem without any drugs and now my headaches are completely gone.~Melanie Thiel

After injuring my neck one day I was in a lot of pain and unable to move my head. But after a couple visits to Belvidere Chiropractic Center and following the doctor’s suggestions I soon felt much better and still do.~Laura Stadelman

My back was hurting me, when I came in and got adjusted I felt better.~Abie Musa

I suffered an extremely sore back one weekend and could not stay on my feet so spent the time in bed. I came to Dr. Jon the following Monday and by the time I left his office I was feeling somewhat better and by today, one week later, my back is ‘back’ to normal.~Jim Stadelman

Had a lot of burning, tingling, and numbness in arms, legs and spine areas. After 4 weeks my symptoms are 95% gone! Thank you so much!~Edward Koss

I came to Dr. Heins with a lot of back pain and leg pain on my right side. After two visits my pain stopped.~Barbara Clark

I came to see Dr Jon for lower back pain that was very painful and after several weeks of treatment I feel 100% better.~Tim DeLorenzo

I had low back pain and very weak legs. I first went to medical doctor, who sent me for an MRI, it showed 3 herniated and 2 compressed discs. After Dr. Jon treating me for 6 months, I have had no low back pain and my legs feel 100% better.~Don Ippolito

I came to see Dr. Heins with a back pain and sciatica. Within 3 weeks he straightened it out.~Steve Bonamo

I recently had a sore, stiff neck from falling asleep on the couch in a twisted position. Dr. Heins provided relief during the first visit and subsequent visits have helped to get back my normal range of motion.~Lisa Boglioli

I hurt my back wrestling with my 2 year old son and then aggravated it by shoveling snow. By the end of the week I could barely walk. I came to see Dr. Heins and after just a few sessions I was back in good shape.~David McCrea

My back hurt and my husband had been going to Dr. Jon. So I decided to give it a try. I had never been to a Chiropractor before and was amazed at the results. After 5 visits I have no back pain and I feel great! Thanks.~Tish McCrea

I was pulling weeds in my garden one afternoon, I bent over and then suddenly I couldn’t get up. I called Dr. Jon’s office and they said to come right over. Dr. Jon been treating me ever since, and my back feels great!~Lori Garr

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