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6 Weight-Loss Secrets That Actually Work

6 Weight Loss Secrets That Actually WorkIf you’ve ever struggled with weight loss I can bet if you had a dollar for every pound you’ve lost and regained over the years you’d have plenty of cash for those infamous ‘rainy days’. Not to mention all the potential health implications such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease just to name a few, that go with being overweight.

So here are 6 weight-loss secrets that actually work to not just lose unwanted pounds but to keep them off.

Little Changes equals Big Results

  1. Wake Up and Drink Up
    Drinking water is a must for weight loss. Drink a big glassful before doing anything else in the morning. This single habit will up your overall water consumption considerably and makes you feel like you are starting the day on a positive note.
  2. Get Serious About Exercise
    Most of us have busy lives and many plan their exercise time at night ‘after everything at home is squared away.’ Despite your good intentions, exercising after a nonstop 14 hour day just isn’t going to happen. So get up an hour early twice a week and do an hour of cardiovascular first thing (after drinking plenty of water of course). It will be tough initially, but the beauty of that hour is that nothing will likely get in the way.
  3. Crunch the Numbers
    Sustainable weight loss requires reading food labels and doing some basic calculations. You should split about 30% of your daily calories among protein, another 30% among fat, and 40% carbohydrates. In addition consume at least 25 grams of fiber and limit salt intake to less than 2400 mg a day. Realistically consume nutritionally sound, balanced meals 90% of the time and save the other 10% for special occasions and indulging cravings to prevent feelings of deprivation.
  4. Hit the Hay Sooner Not Later
    Again, when you lead a busy life it’s hard to resist the lure of staying up late until the wee hours in order to get stuff done. The house is quiet, and there is always a floor to sweep, laundry to fold, papers to sort. The later you putter, the likelier you are to end up in the pantry, foraging for sweets. Not out of hunger, but from a mix of boredom and a sense of entitlement. After all if you’re up that late, surely you deserve a treat. Try a few reasonably quick tasks, then retreat to your bed room (far from the kitchen) with a book or magazine until lights-out.
  5. Train for LE$$
    Nobody will kick your butt better than a personal trainer, but the cost can be tough to stomach. To make it more affordable, recruit a few like-minded friends, then find a fitness professional willing to train you together. By agreeing to pay equal shares regardless, you will hold one another accountable to show up.
  6. Short-Circuit a Sugar Rush
    Cake, cookies, candy, ice cream. Yes please! Your brain and sweet tooth will fight it out and often, and usually your sweet tooth wins. Unfortunately, a few bites of something sweet can often snowball into blowing off an entire day of otherwise health eating. Try a protein and carbohydrate combination instead like a some turkey breast on a slice of whole-grain bread.

I hope you enjoyed these 6 weight-loss secrets that actually work and that they help you not only lose weight but kept it off so you can live a happier healthier life. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below or if you’d rather prefer it feel free to contact us through this site’s contact page.

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