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Does Walking Really Count As Exercise?

Does Walking Really Count As Exercise?
This is a guest post by: Mike Smith from Hi-Tec Sports. Manufacturers of trainers, boots and tactile socks: offering durability and comfort to support you for each and every walking adventure.

When considering the amount of exercise they do, it is popular for people to take the distance they walk into account. After all, we often do a whole lot of walking without even realizing it. Walking our pets, walking to the train, walking into town or around the shops, a weekend stroll across the countryside are all examples of things that become an integral and normal part of our daily routines.

This said, it is perhaps a little optimistic to assume that walking is enough exercise to maintain a high level of fitness. In reality, it is the amount and intensity of walking that we do that determines whether or not it can be counted as adequate exercise.

Maintaining Fitness
For walking to be considered exercise and for it to benefit you, it should consist of moderate intensity and leave you feeling out of breath, even if it is only a little bit. Where possible, it’s advisable to walk instead of taking another mode of transportation. A common example of this is opting to climb stairs rather than use the elevator, but this mind set can also be applied to other journeys, especially the particular short ones.

Have Fun, Get Fit
Walking offers the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy your local surrounding that would otherwise go unnoticed. If other forms of exercise such as swimming, cycling or even running, seem like a chore then walking may present you with the right amount of motivation to keep it on as a hobby as oppose to a chore.

Targets and Training
In order to keep yourself motivated, you may wish to set targets to aim for and maintain a steady training schedule which should ideally steadily increase your fitness levels. Consider the following alterations to your training schedule to keep yourself interested:

  • Speed Alterations: It’s important to master a consistent speed, so consider taking a partner along with you who will provide you with that extra motivational kick. As well as this, you can have a go at alternating between walking and running to slowly build up to a better level of fitness.
  • Enjoy your Music: Not only will it stop you becoming bored too quickly; music will help you walk to a steady speedy pace without you really noticing.
  • Up Your Game: To challenge yourself even further, try carrying small weights on your travels to increase body strength and offer a little resistance.

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