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Healthy Breakfast Eating Tips for Working Women

Healthy Breakfast Eating Tips for Working WomenThis is another guest post by: Rania Paula who writes for E Healthy Blog, a health related website. You can get complete knowledge and tips about various diseases that a person can get infected with. You can also find information on latest developments and researches going on around the world about various health conditions.

You might be already aware that eating three meals a day is essential for good health. However, sometimes, being a working woman, you tend to skip breakfast every day. This is the most important meal of the day as it helps your body refuel for a whole day’s work. Also eating breakfast everyday will offer the fuel for your body and will prevent you from snacking heavily. When you are a working woman, instead of lamenting over the lack of time, follow these tips to stay healthy.

  • Take a bowl of crunchy cereal:
    Pour some milk and fill up your bowl with crunchy cereal to fuel your body in the morning. Make sure you buy only those cereals made with whole grain instead of sugar filled ones. The cereals are loaded with fiber and offer a good amount of energy to face your day.
  • Include complex carbs:
    Make sure that anything you eat in the morning such as oatmeal, broken wheat or cream of wheat is abundant in complex carbs. This is important as it can offer a full feeling and can make you feel satisfied until the lunchtime.
  • Eat whole eggs:
    Though you are under a misconception that whole eggs are bad for you, in reality they are highly beneficial. They are loaded with protein, saturated fats that are essential to maintain a balance of all hormones in your body. Just have a boiled egg in slices even if you do not have time for cereal or a sandwich. Include eggs in various forms to avoid boredom, such as scrambled eggs, poached eggs, omelet or fried egg with less oil.
  • Have protein shakes or smoothies:
    When you do not have time to eat anything, try having a protein shake or smoothie with fresh fruits with milk or yoghurt. Remember not to add any extra sugar as it can add up your calories. This is a power packed breakfast as it contains the goodness of wholesome milk and goodness of fruits.
  • Have a cup of tea or coffee:
    Tea and coffee have caffeine in them and it can awaken your metabolic rate and offers you good energy. Grab a hot cup of coffee or tea along with few slices of bread to make your day perfectly. Make sure to put less sugar to enjoy the flavor of the beverage fully, which will kick start, your senses.
  • Avoid beverages, juice and carbonated drinks:
    Stay away from high sugary drinks like cola, juices, fizzy drinks and others, as they are fully loaded with sugar and preservatives, which are not ideal for your body. However, it does not mean that you will have to drink only water go for fresh juices as it contains natural sugar and is good for your body.

Being a working woman, you will need loads of energy every morning to juggle office work and household chores everyday. So it is essential that you follow the easy tips stated above to energize yourself with a power packed breakfast.

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