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Overcoming Overeating: My Own Personal Bane

Overcoming OvereatingThis is a guest post by: Madoline Hatter a freelance writer and blog junkie from You can reach her at:

I never really put too much stock in the term “chronic overeating” until this past year. For a great deal of my life, I had a bizarre eating habit. I wouldn’t eat much throughout the day, but then I’d gorge myself at night. Needless to say, this has screwed up my metabolism pretty good. I slowly gained weight over the past decade. It’s this overeating at night that has caused myself to experience a great deal of pain and upsetting bodily functions. How has overeating affected my life at 37 years old?

  • Rotten Egg Belches – My spouse and I scoured the Internet trying to find the cause of my occasional bouts with burps that reek of rotten eggs. We found food allergies, illnesses and other physical problems that didn’t fit my situation. For the past three years, this has been a severe problem. One belch can literally clear the room. As I started to monitor what I was eating in comparison to the days that I was affected by this, I noticed a trend. On the days that I over ate at dinner were the days that I was affected. My overeating was the cause of the rotten egg mystery.
  • Heartburn – As I have been plagued by bouts of heartburn for the last five years or so, I was beginning to suspect that I had the same gastrointestinal problems that were hereditary in my family. Earlier this year, I have found the correlation of overeating to experiencing the same symptoms. If I ate properly that day, I had no problems at all. Instead of investing time and money in a doctor, changing my eating habits made a profound impact.
  • Splenic Flexure Syndrome – Trapped gases in the splenic flexure of your colon can cause all kinds of problems. For me, it was severe bouts with painful gas and diarrhea. While doctors and physicians will prescribe things like “Beano” to get rid of the gas pains, I found that eating healthier removed this problem from me entirely. The weeks that I eat a proper three-meal diet, the Splenic Flexure Syndrome went away.

Aside from weighing 70 pounds more than I wanted to, these were the top problems I was faced with every day. Now that I know the causes, how do I reshape my eating habits to remove these problems completely?

  • Alarm Clock – One of the biggest reasons why I don’t eat in the mornings or at lunch is because I simply forget. Since I have been eating this way for a very long time, my body is adapted to not being hungry until dinner time. By setting periodic alarms on my smartphone, I am able to remind myself to eat regularly and more healthy.
  • Portion Control – In order to stave off the symptoms above, I need to have proper portion control. My spouse has been very good at keeping the portions down for me. If I get hungry between meals, I try to eat less junk foods and more fruits and vegetables. Even string cheese is preferable to a chocolate bar.

I was raised that you never waste food. If it was cooked, it needs to be eaten. Unfortunately, this has left me in a sad shape as I don’t believe in wasting food. However, controlling how much is cooked during meal times can keep me in the same frame of mind while there is less food to eat. Don’t continue suffering like I have and take control of your life by eating better. It’s not just for losing weight, but it’s to live a life without embarrassing problems such as mine above.

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