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Why Are You On All These Social Sites?

FaceBookTwitterLinkedInThe other day a long time patient of mine came in for his monthly wellness maintenance adjustment and asked me, “Why am I getting these Email invitations to join you and/or sign up to all these various social sites?”

As I was concerned about what I was doing regarding his analysis and treatment, so I probably didn’t answer his question as well as I could have. So, later that evening I thought I should write up a quick post and answer him and all of you who probably have the same Question.

If you happen to already be a patient of mine you probably noticed I mail you a postcard or newsletter about once a month. These are intended to be informative and educational regarding your health or any community events that we are participating in. One of my goals as a Health Care Professional is to educate my patients, their family, their friends and the general public so they can truly benefit from their care and help others do the same. This works pretty well but due to the amount of time, effort, and to keep costs low, I can only do about one mailing a month. Once you receive this news letter or postcard it is not as easy to share it with others you care about.

This is where the internet comes in… For a long time I’ve wanted to email you information, because it is easier for you to forward it, print it out, or whatever you find is easiest for you so you can also share it with others you care about or anyone else you think might benefit from the information. But our old practice’s management software didn’t allow me to export all of your Email addresses so it wasn’t possible. So bye-bye old software … hello, new one…

About the same time I started this “Blog” (fancy name for new type of 2.0 website that you can subscribe to and interact with by comment on) so now the information is posted to this site … sent to your Email… and also linked to the other social sites…

So Why the Other Social Sites?

Because they’re fun, easy and a great way to connect with people …not only can I send you this blog information.  I can also post all kinds other things and connect with you in all kinds of ways … letting me know more about you and your daily life … which as  your Family Chiropractor will ultimately benefit our relationship and your health and well being.

Hope this answers your question and as always … to keep yourself up to date with what is going on at Belvidere Chiropractic Center simply subscribe to Belvidere Chiropractic’s RSS Feed or to our Email Updates. You can also follow us on our Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, or LinkedIN.

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